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Richard Barone

Melbourne, FL


I was a great artist in the fifth grade, at least that’s what my fellow classmates and art teacher thought. My parents thought differently, however, and transferred me to a Catholic school, and that was the end of my art career. By the time I got to college, I was convinced that the intellectual search for truth was far superior to the aesthetic. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and hadn’t taken one course in art. None were offered, even though the college professed the "liberal arts."

In a sense, I was on the same course as Robert Motherwell (philosopher to artist), but for me the end came in the jungles of Vietnam. Philosophy and everything that I had learned—all the teachers, priests, and professors—had deserted me. Except art, which was always there waiting to be explored. So, now, I’m starting over, painting with abandon, without a restrictive style, and with the mentality of a ten-year-old.

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For a great book about an artist's struggle to survive in the Vietnam War, see “Traces of a Lost War,” 2009, Canto 34 Press, available on,, etc.


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